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I am currently adding or have recently added value to the following organisations, via a range of different roles.

“Dave brought a fresh approach to the work of the Board, and a collaborative focus on its effectiveness and performance.  Dave contributed greatly to the governance of the school and also led our Board expertly, with an unrelenting focus on the students and the improvement in outcomes for them.  He does this with great expertise and empathy, through respect for the work of those responsible for the delivery of education.  Dave takes the time to learn about the people he works with and engages groups in purposeful discussion, with a clear focus on strategy and direction.  His passion for education and its quality delivery is highly regarded by all those around him.  On a personal note I have learned a great deal from Dave as he supported the school's Board through a number of challenges; leading, supporting and mentoring our Board and school through a time of significant change and growth, with great care and expertise.  I have learned first-hand how effective he is on our Board using his governance experience and knowledge, and ability to keep focussed on quality decision making.

Isaac Day, Principal, Enner Glynn School

Dave gives valued input into the Ngāti Koata Audit and Risk Committee role, and was central to drafting its Risk Management Framework.  He went beyond what was expected of the independent member to ensure robust systems and policies.  When called upon, Dave took up a temporary position on the Koata Limited Board of Directors, that developed into a permanent role.  On both Board and Committee his knowledge, professionalism and  willingness to help are recognised and appreciated.

John Dobson, Trustee, and Chair of Audit & Risk Committee, Ngāti Koata Trusts

“Dave has been an invaluable asset to New Zealand Artesian Water Ltd, initially as a consultant and now as part time CFO. NZAW is a fast moving early stage company where controlled cash flow management is imperative. With Dave’s direction we have been able to successfully negotiate a large share purchase and complete a complex refinancing solution with the bank.  Dave brings corporate discipline, strategic planning and an ability to simplify his thoughts at a high level.  Not only does he give us huge confidence in our planning, but it is clear he gives stakeholders in the business enormous confidence.  He operates comfortably at both executive management level and part of our Board meetings, challenging thinking and keeping a clear focus to the team.  If we could have Dave for more time, we would!”

Adrian Toft, Executive Director, NZAW (E'stel)

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