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Exactly how can I help?

  • Part-time professional support.  I can deliver on a huge range of 'back office' or support services functions, on a part-time basis, for as short or as long as you need.  For example, you might need a CFO, but only for 1 or 2 days per week.

  • Project planning / execution.  I can 'parachute in' to help nail specific projects that just need a qualified, experienced and dedicated resource, without taking you or your teams away from their day jobs.  For example, you might need a business case prepared, or a risk management or H&S system introduced.

  • Expert coaching / facilitation / mentoring.  I can work with Management Teams, Managers, and/or Team Leaders, on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, on subjects including strategic development, risk management, change management, and finance oversight.   For example, you may need to review your strategic or business plans, or  refresh some 'finance basics for non-accountants'.

Skill level; expert
  • The start-up / scale-up catch-22.  A major challenge for small businesses undergoing growth is needing systems, processes and tools in place to enable further profitability, but having concerns about the cost of doing so.   I can provide initial advisory support to explore why the investment might be worth your while. 

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