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Adding value

I can add value at any stage of your business life cycle.  You may be starting out and need some support basics.  You may be on your growth path, looking for additional subject matter expertise from someone who can make things happen.  You may be in an established business but need some extra short-term support.  You may be establishing a governance framework and want to understand what works and what to look out for.  Or you might have an established Board environment and need a Director.

Dave Ashcroft; Professional
Finance support

​​Faced with lots of numbers, in some accounting system or prepared by someone else, but it all lacks meaning? I can add value by helping you; understand which numbers are important, determine the options you might be faced with, and make great decisions.

Dave Ashcroft, willing to roll his sleeves up.
Commercial support

​​Pursuing a business dream and know what you don't know?  In an existing role but have too much on to tackle some key projects, or just need some short-term part-time support?  I can get in there with you, with my sleeves rolled up.

Dave Ashcroft, adding real value.

​​The core purpose for every Director is to add value.  I can do this by virtue of my training, experience, a collegial approach with awareness of the need for asking good questions, multi-industry exposure, and core functional expertise.  

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